Trello Icon

Update (July 18, 2013)

I just found this Trello icon. It looks way better than either of the ones below.

I just spent 15 minutes putting together a (mediocre) Trello icon for use with Fluid. I am not a designer so, I’m sure someone could improve on this.

Trello icon for Fluid

Here it is in my Dock:

Screenshot of Trello icon for Fluid in OS X Dock

You might want the ICNS version.

I used DrawIt, which I got as part of some software bundle a while ago. Here’s trello.drawit if you want it.

This logo is presumably a trademark of Fog Creek Software. Please let me know if it’s a problem to post this here.


@innovati has graciously provided a prettier Trello icon:

Better Trello icon for Fluid

I’ve mirrored it here just in case: download .zip. The .zip includes both a PNG and a Photoshop file.

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