Opinionated email signatures

Protocol.by is a creation by some students at Harvard and the MIT Media Lab. I describe it as an “opinionated email signature” – opinionated in the sense that instead of just listing your contact information it tells people how to use it.

Protocol.by screenshot
Protocol.by is an opinionated email signature telling people the best way to contact you.

I think this is sorely needed – I’m often frustrated when I try to get in touch with someone but don’t receive a timely response just because I was contacting them the wrong way.

The problem with protocol.by is it seems too cold to use with strangers – it’s like Shortmail in that it only plays well with like-minded people or if contacting you is desirable enough for people to put up with your peculiarities.

I wish there was a more friendly way to provide this information and that everyone used it.

For what it’s worth, here’s my protocol. I tried to make it friendly.

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