Woodward & Bernstein on Watergate, 40 years later

From a great article by Woodword and Bernstein about Watergate from a few months ago:

According to the Senate Watergate report and Liddy’s 1980 autobiography, he used multicolored charts prepared by the CIA to describe elements of the plan. Operation Diamond would neutralize antiwar protesters with mugging squads and kidnapping teams; Operation Coal would funnel cash to Rep. Shirley Chisholm, a black congresswoman from Brooklyn seeking the Democratic presidential nomination, in an effort to sow racial and gender discord in the party; Operation Opal would use electronic surveillance against various targets, including the headquarters of Democratic presidential candidates Edmund Muskie and George McGovern; Operation Sapphire would station prostitutes on a yacht, wired for sound, off Miami Beach during the Democratic National Convention.

This level of corruption makes me wonder what kind of nafarious stuff gone on in the top levels of government since Watergate. We’ve found out about some of it, but I’m sure there’s a lot we never will hear about.

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