Bling for your Terminal: zsh with my fancy Fino theme

If you use the command line on OS X or Linux and you haven’t heard of Zsh, this post will change your life.

zsh versus bash
Zsh vs. Bash. The top is Zsh with my custom theme.

Zsh is a fancier, more modern replacement for Bash, the default shell in OS X. Zsh does nice things like smarter tab completion for files and folders, and oh-my-zsh makes it even more awesome with plugins and theming.

Here’s what you do to get Zsh running on OS X with my custom theme (called Fino).

  1. Head over to the oh-my-zsh GitHub page and run the automatic installer.

  2. oh-my-zsh includes an old version of the Fino theme. Replace ~/.oh-my-zsh/themes/fino.zsh-theme with the updated version of Fino.

  3. Edit ~/.zshrc and change the line that says export ZSH_THEME="robbyrussell" to export ZSH_THEME="fino".

OS X pro tip: add the cdff command to your ~/.zshrc too. This will cd your Terminal to the front-most Finder window.

The namesake of the Fino theme.

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