"Why I've all but given up on Windows" 

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, a long-time dedicated Windows user (his Twitter handle is @the_pc_doc), writes about why he’s moved off Windows in favor of Mac, iOS, and Android.

He clearly addresses one of the most common reasons I hear for people getting a Windows computer instead of a Mac:

Going the mac [sic] route might seem like an even more expensive option, but having owned a number of systems, including the MacBook Pro that that become my go-to system, the additional cost of the hardware (plus the additional AppleCare warranty) is offset by the fact that these systems have given me months, and in some cases years, or hassle-free use. I’ve not had to mess around with drivers.

So true, especially for people who aren’t able to mess around with drivers or re-install Windows themselves.

He makes a bunch of other great points as well, with the clout of a Windows power user (and not being an Apple fanboy). From now on, when people ask me what computer to get I’m going to send them this article.

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