My Favorite Indie Apple Watch Apps of 2017

If you’re wondering what to do with that new Apple Watch you got for Christmas or Hanukkah a few weeks ago, here are some great apps made by independent software developers that you should check out:

1. Grocery

This app is awesome. It works with a companion iPhone/iPad application to create a grocery list, and then allows you to check items off via the Watch app while you shop. Sounds simple, but the implementation is brilliant:

Using this app cuts my grocery-shopping time down by 25%.

App Store | @smartgroceryapp on Twitter

2. Strong

This is a a weight lifting workout tracking app for iOS and Apple Watch. You can pre-build workouts or make them on the fly. If you do the former, you can move through a workout via Apple Watch without touching your phone — this, plus rest time tracking are the killer features for me. It also tracks personal bests, which is nice.

App Store | Website

3. Carrot Weather

There are a million iOS weather apps, and many of them support Apple Watch. But none allow for the customization and have the information density of Carrot Weather on Apple Watch. See this in-depth review on MacStories for more details of its capabilities.

The iOS app is also good, although I’m still partial to Weather Line on my phone.

App Store | Website

4. PCalc

This is essentially a Casio Databank for Apple Watch!

App Store | Website

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