Zoom Troubleshooting

Last updated: January 18, 2021

Audio or video not working?

99% of audio/video-related problems are due to Zoom’s input and output being set incorrectly.

You can adjust the inputs/outputs with the ^ menus next to the microphone and video buttons in the bottom toolbar:

Zoom microphone menu screenshot

This is what the audio source selection menu looks like in Zoom.

Testing your audio and video

If the inputs/outputs appear to be set correctly but your audio is still not working, you should follow Zoom’s steps to:

Still having problems?

Quality not good?



If your audio or video quality is poor, go to Preferences > Statistics while on a call.

If you see lots of packet loss on the Audio or Video tabs, then your internet connection may not be good.

Here’s what the statistics look like for a good quality connection:

Zoom statistics audio preferences pane screenshot
Zoom statistics video preferences pane screenshot

The best way to test your internet connection is https://fast.com. This shows just your download speed by default; click “Show more info” to show your upload speed.

The minimum bandwidth requirements for Zoom are:

But you will have a much better experience if you have at least 3Mbps up/down.